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I won’t actually be changing the URL of this particular blog, rather updating it less often. BUT if any of my very few followers do feel like checking it out that’d be cool and if not that’s cool too. (: I feel like kind of an arrogant bum for even creating a domain name now haha x 

my domain name is changing! i’ve now purchased www.whimsicalchicblog.com

I will now be updating my blog in a more official sense to be including my opinions and own creative ideas regarding personal style! This will include lifestyle, makeup and wardrobe choices that I find to be ‘whimsically chic’! There will be a lot more original content writing and photography than reblogging, so the overall platform will be changing. I hope to hear from my followers! I’m so excited to start this. 

i didn’t even realize that owls have become the friendly-faced animal mascot for hipster culture… people keep giving them to me and thus i have inadvertently become an owl obsessor/collector like so many before me and now feel unsure as to whether i ought to be pleased with my adorable little assortment or disgusted by my social conformity. this note in itself is kind of conformist. oh who the fuck cares we’re all individuals anyway mhmm? 


Man notices the recent trend for owls printed and sewn on everything. So takes a picture of graffiti-owl in Belfast to try and fit in.
i have just discovered this blog www.thelovevitamin.com

and i think it’s going to change my life (: basically, this (absolutely stunning) girl Tracy has documented her own holistic journey from cystic acne to totally clear skin. i think it’s a little intense for me to follow loyally, but by experimenting with not washing her face at all, she has absolutely proved that all of these products that we slather our skin in do very little to treat the root of the problem. SO, I’m going to stop using face makeup and my La Roche Posay products when I get home and try to stop giving a shit about what people think. 

the beginning of my cat on intuos 5

I’ve had rather a stressful few weeks, and have definitely lost followers in my neglect of this blog. But fuck them, and thank you for everybody who either loyally remained a reader or didn’t bother to unfollow me, it’s much appreciated.

I’m currently studying for a month in Zurich, and am now veering into the beginning of the second week. As a child, I lived here, but my experience of Zurich v.2013 is a bizarre combination of nostalgic rediscovery and chaotic disorientation. My German language course has been absolutely excellent, particularly the afternoon conversation classes, and they’ve given me the opportunity to showcase my recently gained linguistic skills from the entire summer of practice. 

I was lucky enough to spend the entire last week with my close friend Bridget, who lives in America. At first, I was anxious that my time here would drag on a bit (I usually dread leaving London), but have found that the last week has rushed past me, and will now be coming home in under three weeks! 

As beautiful as Zurich is, I must say that I am looking forward to getting back to my brand new home and curling up in bed with my boyfriend, our cat and a good book. My newest fixation is the landscape plan that I am currently drawing up for our little brown-patch garden. The new house in Lee is a little neglected, to say the least, but I’ve got big aspirations for both the front and the back garden. It’s a bit strange to think that I’ve spent more time at this holiday house in Zurich than I have at my own house in London. 

ANYWAYZ thanks for still following guys you’re all awesome xx

i’m back bitches. 

i have internet again. 


Mary had a little lamb, the doctors were amazed